Emission & Fuel Cost Reduction Simultaneously

SEMWOF Reduces Emissions Fuel Consumption Fuel Cost

No Need to Change Existing Infrastructure or Equipment, No Need Special Fuel, Just add Water to Liquid Fuels and Reduce Emissions and Fuel Costs.

SEMWOF is Patented Post Refinery Emulsion Fuel Processing Technology from Energenius Technologies Pvt Ltd. SEMWOF reduces Emissions and Fuel cost simultaneously for External and internal combustion applications where liquid hydrocarbon fuel oils like Furnace oil, HFO, LSHF, LDO, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Plastic & Tyre Pyrolysis oils etc are used.


Reduce Emission and Fuel Cost Simultaneously in external & internal combustion applications like boiler, furnaces, kiln, engines, marine and power generation etc where liquid hydrocarbon fuel oils are used.

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