SEMWOF is the brand of Energenius Technologies Pvt Ltd representing our Patented Emulsion Fuel Technology for Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuel oils to reduce emissions and fuel costs.

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SEMWOF means Stable Emulsion Mixture of Water in Oil as Fuel.


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Energenius Technologies Pvt Ltd is registered Start up company under Indian The Companies Act 2013 incorporated by young & aspiring entrepreneurs having great expertise in innovation, business management & marketing. We are incorporated on 02 July 2019, and having our registered Head Office located in Rajkot city of Gujarat State in India.

We have identified the importance of most precious resource on Earth that is fuel oil and have been working since 2009 on Emulsion Fuel technology for enhancement of technology to increase process efficiencies and practical implementation economics, while maintaining the user friendliness, reliability & ease of operation. Also we have been trying this technologies in various application and now after successful product development we are launching this technology under SEMWOF brand name.

History – 

2009 – Started Developing Emulsion Fuel Technology

2013 – successful prototype.

2013 – Patent Application Filed

2013-2018 – Various Trials in various applications, Fine tuning and process refinement.

2018 – Patent Granted

2018-2020 – First commercial Prototype Installed, tested and working.

2020 – After long term testing in piratical field we started marketing and launched this technology officially under SEMWOF brand.  

We are on the way to create History now.

Philosophy – “If you don’t have it, then create it ”  is our philosophy made us do much research and development and SEMWOF is the brand representing one of our unique environmental protection technology.

Mission –To be a global brand, use business to inspire and implement emission reduction technologies, to be an important global player in providing the best emulsion fuel technology to reduce global liquid fuel generated emissions and reduce fuel costs &To keep Customers, Employees, Vendors and Mother Nature Happy.

Vision – Realizing the importance of the environment, all living things, and creatures have access to clean environment.