SEMWOF Fully Automatic Emulsion Fuel Plant

Patented SEMWOF Fully Automatic Online On-demand Fuel Emulsion Plant 

Unique Features


Completely Automatic Plant with Colour LCD Display HMI, Gives most process and consumption data on screen. Less human interface means less human errors. By pass system also available when plant under maintenance you can run plant on your conventional fuel as well. So no plant down time or stoppages due to Emulsion plant. Optional IOT system for Remote monitoring and automatic fuel consumption reporting.

Piece of mind

2 years comprehensive warranty against manufacturing defects. Compact and easily mobile system. Most parts in stock for service support. We also provide AMC after warranty expiration.

Faster Paybacks

Payback time less than 2 years by direct cost savings only, if you consider indirect cost savings like depreciation tax benefits, carbon credits or emission trading systems benefits, pay back time much shorter.

ModelDescriptionCapacity Litters/dayPower Consumption Units/Day
SEMWOF-1000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 1000 litters / 24 hours production100012
SEMWOF-3000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 3000 litters / 24 hours production300036
SEMWOF – 5000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 5000 litters / 24 hours production500060
SEMWOF – 10000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 10000 litters / 24 hours production10000120
SEMWOF – 15000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 15000 litters / 24 hours production15000140
SEMWOF – 20000Fully automatic Emulsion fuel Plant 20000 litters / 24 hours production20000160

Other than these standard models with standard capacities we provide customized solutions for larger capacity requirements as well. Practically there are no limitations on production capacities.

To facilitate higher stability and very fine water molecules in emulsion SEMWOF offers two types of patented additives to cover most hydrocarbon liquid fuel oils used as fuel. And which are as follows.



SEMWOF-HX is for heavier fuels obtained from lower fraction distillates like FO, HFO, Bunker Oil, CBFS, Furnace oil etc.

SEMWOF-LX is for lighter fuels obtained from Middle distillates like Diesel, Bio-Diesel, LDO, Kerosene, low sulphur fuels etc.

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